Thank you for your interest in Holy Names.  Below you will find the current 24k皇冠登录 timeline and a link to our financial aid applications.



  • Step 1: Online Application

    完成 在线申请
  • Step 2: Schedule a Shadow Visit

    Contact the 24k皇冠登录 Office at 518-438-7895,分机. 202,或电邮, for current visiting options. 
  • Step 3: Register for the Entrance/Scholarship Exam

    Academic scholarships are available to students entering Grades 6 through 9 which are based solely on scores from 入学考试. 的 考试 is offered several times throughout the year.

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    坎德拉 Astemborski 

    Director of Enrollment Management
    (518) 438-7895分机. 213
  • 安·伦托摄

    安 Rento 

    24k皇冠登录 Director
    518-438-7895,分机. 202
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    凯瑟琳 O 'Hare-Insero 

    数据管理器 & Administrative Assistant to 24k皇冠登录
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